About Us

Gifted Hands Network is a social business which aims at reducing breast cancer deaths and increasing on the employability of the visually impaired in Uganda. We conduct out early breast cancer detection and awareness raising about breast cancer in Uganda through our Breast Cancer Free Uganda Campaign. Once breast cancer is early detected can be cured by local treatment methods available in Uganda like that of chemotherapy. We organise annual Dinner in the Dark events with the aim to support visually impaired people. We have other programs of training visually impaired to run and manage Dinner in the dark restaurants to earn sustainable income. We are also looking at training blind people to become professional tour guides to conduct commercial tours across the pearl of Africa. .

Our Social business targets the women of (20-50) years of age, visually impaired of (18-35) years of age, breast cancer patients, investors and donors.

Our Vision:
To reduce on breast cancer deaths and increase on the employability of  the visually impaired in Uganda.

Our Mission:
To conduct early detection, awareness raising and prevention of breast cancer in Uganda through our Breast Cancer Free Campaign and train visually impaired in sustainable skills.

Our Overall Goal:
To create a breast cancer free Uganda through conducting out the early detection, awareness raising and prevention of breast, create a pro-visually impaired women space that employs visually impaired in Uganda.

Our Motto:
Future Free From Breast Cancer.