What We Do

In our work we aim to achieve a Breast Cancer FREE Uganda and increase on the employability of the visually impaired women and imparting knowledge to the society about the importance of early breast cancer detection.
Once breast cancer is early detected, can more easily be cured by chemotherapy treatment available in Uganda.

Dinner In The Dark Restaurants

Dinner in the Dark Restaurants. These are our restaurants in Uganda where customers come, eat and drink in pitch darkness to enjoy the extraordinary sensory experience. Customers experience what the blind go through during their every day life. Customers pay for the services offered by our visually impaired women to earn sustainable income for themselves. We train and empower our visually impaired people to run and manage the operations of our Dinner in the Dark restaurants. Through their heightened, genius and superior sense of touch, our visually impaired people are in...
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Dinner in the Dark Annual Fundraisers

These are annual events that aim at fundraising for the visually impaired to attend to trainings that empower them get employed and become self sustainable. In this event people eat, drink, speak in total darkness. We give everyone the chance to experience how it feels to be blind and to get an impression on how visually impaired people go through during their everyday life. It’s a platform where people come together to enjoy and go through the extraordinary sensory experience.

Early Breast Cancer Detection

Our professional and qualified doctors and nurses conduct early breast cancer detection in communities, universities and schools across all regions of Uganda through the Breast Cancer Free Uganda Campaign. We beleive once breast cancer is early detected, can be cured by local treatment methods available in Uganda like chemotherapy.

Therapy for Breast Cancer Detected Early

Once we early detect a client with breast cancer at it's early stages, we refer the client for treatment, more especially to our partners offering the treatments for example the Uganda Cancer Institute. Some of the treatments available in Uganda is Chemotherapy treatment method.

Breast Cancer Awareness raising and Sensitization

At Gifted Hands Network, we believe that Sufficient knowledge about the causes leading to an increase of breast cancer can be the key element to a good prevention and save many lives of Ugandan women. As such, we carry out awareness raising and sensitization programs in society about the causes, risks, effects and preventive measures of breast cancer cases among women. This is done through holding workshops, conferences, community outreaches, dialogues, radios and television talks; Educating women on the importance of early breast cancer detection and encouraging them to...
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